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Stress: four amazing tips


Stress is an adaptive mechanism to our environment. Stress is so useful ... but it can also psychologically and physically devastating tricks when he fails when he is approached, leading to some negative feelings. We offer four tips to respond to stress. 

Relaxation exercises for stress: do it now!
A thorough relaxation session, where all your muscles can relax while you quietly and breathe deeply through the abdomen ... is an extraordinary remedy for stress. Unfortunately this is not always feasible in the course of a workday, when the stress is actually present! When the next time you really feel completely relaxed, you should give itself a sign. For example, press lightly with a few fingers on a finger or take the top of your thigh once firmly. Remember this secret sign and leave it for you now be a link with a sense of relaxation and relaxation . When you in the future you need to feel better, you can give yourself that character.
Eating and sleeping is done preferably at regular intervals
When in our lives many things change and we therefore efforts should be made to adapt, it may be useful to be able to fall back on a regular basis. Try a stress period - more than a 'normal' period - your meals at regular intervals to take. Ga always about the same hours of sleep and keep account of your own little personal ritual. It might not be obvious, but energy on things like this will certainly benefit your effectiveness.

Better for help de-stress themselves out

Stress , both in private and in professional life, the way we behave towards change. If you have the impression that stress dominates your life, perhaps because the changes in your life is not completely in charge. Learning to be better for you to come out is a good way to fight stress. To respond on the causes and not the external symptoms. The point is that you learn to express your needs and feelings of others and that you demand that they respect that. You should also try your own negative emotions (anger, aggression) under control, without, however, to deny, so that you respect others. With others in a healthy way to communicate is a very good way to suffer less from stress.

Give stress a place in your life

Consider stress as a positive element in your life and give it a unique place. People usually consider stress as something negative. They often confuse stress with anxiety , fatigue or a life rhythm that is too fast considering their needs or abilities. Stress is however rather the feeling that things must change and that it is often reassuring past must be abandoned. It is true that this situation often leads to anxiety, fatigue and extra work. In hindsight, however, sometimes the changes that have led to an improvement! This recognition is in itself beneficial.

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