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Barn eggs as healthy as organic

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For your health does not matter what you buy eggs. An organic or free-uitloopei not very different in composition from an ordinary egg, according to research by the Consumers.
The Consumers tested 17 brands organic, free range and barn eggs in Dutch supermarkets. All eggs have approximately the same composition of fat and cholesterol . Only the healthy omega-eggs contain more fat than other eggs. 

Brown or white 

The study shows that brown eggs better than white. The color of the scale depends on the breed of chicken.White eggs are often erroneously given to animal-unfriendly, reducing demand for it and they are cheaper. 

Yolk color 

The yolk color also says nothing about the nutritional value: the color is due to dyes in the chicken feed. The real difference between the egg lies in the treatment of the chicken. 

Welfare chickens 

For the chicken makes a lot of eggs from which is chosen. On an organic farm, a chicken better than her natural behavior in a barn stall. Eggs which the producer extra attention to the welfare of the chicken, are therefore best best test in the test of the eggs Healthy Guide April / May. 

Many cage houses 

Consumers who think that all free-range chickens today in a stable life, are wrong. One third of the chickens in the Netherlands is still alive in cage houses. Such cage eggs are plenty in processed products such as biscuits.

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