Selasa, 27 Desember 2011

Artificial nails are dangerous?

Zijn kunstnagels gevaarlijk?

Have false nails or false nails disadvantages? Are they harmful to the real nails? Are there risks anyway? Are the words of Dr. Philippe Abimelec, dermatologist and specialist in the field of nails.

There are different types of artificial nails or tips. There are flexible plastic nails on the nails applied with glue. There are also acrylic nails stronger. They are made ​​of acrylic resin and the nails into shape charged. They air dry and sometimes accelerated the drying process (UV, special liquid). In any case, the nails slightly auctioned at the top for inserting the artificial nail. This is the most aggressive part of the surgery. It makes the nails more fragile and increases the penetration of products that are quite toxic. 

Are gels, resins and adhesives that may damage the nails?

Dr. Philippe Abimelec: Yes, all products that are useful to be aggressive for the skin. The more the nails are filed, the deeper the products through the nail to penetrate the skin. The glue used to stick to the hints would be less toxic than the gel and the resin, because only small quantities are used. Manicures often add just before applying a liquid for the nails to do well and stick Also that liquid can be fatal.

What are the complications of wearing fake nails?

Dr. Philippe Abimelec: The acrylic resin may cause irritation and eczema care on the surrounding skin and often at some distance (eyelids, face, neck). Artificial Nails promote loosening of the natural nails because the resin sometimes the skin under the nails affects, and because the longer the nails, the greater the risk is that they come loose. The natural nails get a white color. In case of a bacterial infection, however, they are yellow or green ... make your own nails Artificial nails more fragile. They are thinner and more will break. That explains why there is not very natural nails look good when the artificial nails removed. This also means that you as quickly as possible to make new fake nails ...

Do you have tips to reduce damage from artificial nails?

Dr. Philippe Abimelec: Wearing artificial nails should be avoided, even temporarily. And if you want to do absolutely false nails, then hints safer than nails on the nails are sculpted. The quality and training of persons who nails is essential. Preference shall be given to beauty salons with a good reputation and sufficient experience in the field of artificial nails. The people who work there use the least harmful methods.

Senin, 19 Desember 2011

Which plants, herbs and foods help against aging?

Welke planten, kruiden en levensmiddelen helpen tegen veroudering?

To the aging of the body to counteract there plants, foods and herbs with important antioxidant properties. Which products contain the most antioxidants?

Food and plants in two ways. Either they themselves are rich in antioxidants, and they support our own internal antioxidant system. Reminder: Antioxidants are substances produced by our food delivered, but also by our own body produced. They protect us against free radicals, which are substances that accelerate the aging process. Because these foods regularly on our menu to set up, we can better combat aging of our bodies.

The three plants with the highest antioxidant

Ginkgo biloba 

The foods with the highest antioxidant substances

Dried plums, prunes
Raisins, dark grapes
Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries , cherries
Pink grapefruit
Kale, Brussels sprouts
Red peppers

The herbs with the most antioxidant substances

Black pepper

Keep in mind that these foods, herbs and plants, how well they work may be, should be accompanied by a varied and balanced diet . It is therefore pointless to hope plums or spinach and other foods to eat to ignore.

Kamis, 15 Desember 2011

Thumb Sucking: How do you make to an end?

Duimzuigen: hoe maak je er een einde aan?
If a child reaches the age of three years, it is desirable that it no longer thumb sucking. The custom is of course initially, but after the first three years of life can lead to permanent deformities. What can be done to help the child to refrain from the habit?

Thumb Sucking gives a sense of security

Shortly after birth , the natural behavior that thumb sucking calms the baby and reassuring. One can thumb sucking as an adaptive and self-defense and as a means of consolation. If it becomes a habit, the child thumb sucking in certain circumstances, such as angry, sad, lonely feeling, and even when the child is happy.
With age the habit usually disappears gradually and spontaneously, without an intervention is necessary.

But if the child after the age of three years yet inches sucking must intervene because the habit of irreversible teeth and mouth can cause deformities.

Dental and mouth deformities

Depending on the intensity and duration of thumb sucking, the consequences are more or less significant: upper teeth to face with an increased risk of breaking the teeth, chewing difficulties and esthetic consequences, spaced teeth, a hollow, deep and long palate, an open mouth, lips without tone, speech difficulties, only breathing through the mouth, an extension of the lower face, an underdeveloped nose, deformed and injured thumb and psychological consequences (harassment, isolation, etc.).

Acknowledge the problem

First the problem and its intensity are recognized. Thumb-sucking is a reflex which is due to a slump. The malaise is usually sufficient to identify the vacuum to get rid. Is that not the case, then the frequency of thumb sucking can be determined (how many times a day will stop the child's thumb in his mouth), duration (eg since the age of one year), the duration of sucking (a hours or at most twenty minutes, when the child in his bed), the conditions and position of the thumb in the mouth (leverage, forward, backward, etc.).

A soft strategy

Before the age of three years should not intervene, but then the child must gradually change of habit.
The following tips can be useful to develop strategies for effective intervention.
The thumb is replaced by a pacifier, to find another occupation, avoiding certain situations (loneliness, stress , boredom, watching television, etc.), pay special attention at certain times etc.
It is necessary that the child receives the necessary explanations about the problem, it is sensitized to the consequences of bad habits and to reach an agreement with the child to stop.
Then follow the interactive approach where the child should feel supported and valued. It's hard to get rid of a habit, especially if a sense of security provided, and the child must know that it can count on your support and love. The parents must then show understanding and patience on the day can make.
  • Replace the habit through games, rhymes, drawings or other activities.
  • Reward the child for his actions instead of punishing. She can teach the child that only good behavior is valorized.
  • Write down on a calendar the days when progress was and the rewards and use it weekly.
  • Apply physical barriers such as a patch on the thumb. 
What you should know

The system of positive reinforcement (reward instead of punishment) and the involvement of children in learning new behavior gives the best results, although there a lot of patience.

Selasa, 13 Desember 2011

How to format chapped lips?

Hoe gebarsten lippen opmaken?
Winter see our lips from the cold and damp weather. They are fragile and sometimes even cracks and fissures come. Treaties do not they make up more? we just need to know how to address it.

Winter Make-up of the lips: especially exfoliate

Gaps or chapped lips are not the only symptoms of a cold-damaged skin. Often there appears dead skin, a sign that the lips are trying to recover. If you make lipstick and want a good result, you must do so before a peel. Take therefore a very soft product. Your skin has already become brittle by the cold, you do not need them again entrust caustics! There are market specific products to obtain peels of lips, but a gentle peeling product for the face may also serve for the lips.

The ideal: makeup protects the skin and softens

As soon as your lips are soft, you can use the actual make-up begin. Preferably use a product with active ingredients that soften, hydrate and protect, such as jojoba oil, allantoin and vitamin E . Many lipsticks say a moisturizing effect, but read it for security reasons always to list the ingredients on it! If you are not hydrating lipstick and you do not want to spend money, you get a layer of balm on your lips, apply (eg cocoa butter) and then apply the lipstick.

What color and texture I choose as my lips are chapped?

The color you may choose completely, which has little impact on your lips. For the texture you should choose a good covering cream, the type of colored gloss. Any mankementjes due to the cold are better camouflaged. Matte lipstick easily fills the cracks and wrinkles and makes so much less visible.

Beautify is good, care is better

All these tips are for simple cracks. But if your lips are cracked or even serious fissures exhibit, you'll want to make the lipstick a few days to omit them for a while to deal with a restorative balm. Those found in the pharmacy . You can not live without lipstick? Prevent chapped lips then so you will never be in that situation. Use a lip balm and / or a protective lipstick for the cold strikes!

Jumat, 09 Desember 2011

Allergy risk: we must protect babies from pollution?

Pollution is one of the risk factors for respiratory allergies. Exposure to pollutants in the environment affects and irritates the airways namely, increasing the risk of developing an allergy increases. We know that the risk of an allergy at birth in the body can not settle and that the quality of air is essential for newborn babies, because their respiratory systems are still hard at developing. How can we protect infants than against pollution?

The risks of allergies by air pollution

An allergy to pollen, certain foods, dust mites, animal hair, etc. .. There are a lot of allergies and they often develop in childhood. How to prevent and reduce our risk of allergies from birth? It's a common question in families where a parent, a brother or sister already allergic. Air pollution is a risk factor for respiratory allergies that even asthma can lead to pollutants because the lining of the airways directly affect at a crucial moment of their development.
Babies need good air. Because their respiratory systems are still developing it fully, they are more sensitive to pollutants. These can cause irreparable damage and the development of allergic diseases like asthma in hand work. Cough, irritation, runny nose or red eyes are all respiratory symptoms suggestive of exposure to pollution, or even at the beginning of a true allergy. A child with asthma will, after exposure to polluted air in even more symptoms.

How do you prevent your baby getting too many pollutants?

Why not take a breath of fresh air in the countryside?
If you live in the countryside, you are obviously less exposed to pollution. But if you live in the city, you can often walk to the countryside for a ride so the baby's lungs can absorb fresh air. You have got to 50 km from the nearest city driving and avoid traffic jams on the way. Otherwise all the advantages of this excursion into the green partially lost (the contaminants from the surrounding cars are concentrated in the front of the car). If you choose, the sea is the ideal destination. You can also go during the holidays draw (the sea air dissipates efficiently the pollutants). The mountains are great, but then keep it below 1,000 m altitude.
The ideal conditions for air trips
Not come out if you live in the city, is no solution. Ideal for morning walks, and that dry and nice but not too hot weather (be careful with sunny days without a breeze). Go out after a rain, is also a good idea, because such a storm drives away the pollutants. Avoid better days with fog, because it concentrates the pollutants. Peak hours, with traffic, are also to avoid. The same goes for walks near a busy road. Plan your route in advance so you can make the greenest neighborhoods.
Be careful with the pram or buggy!
People do not always realize that a baby is one of the most hazardous situations for infants' exposure to pollution. Babies who are so taken on the walk, or lie down just at the height of the exhaust pipes. They were estimated as 30% more pollutants than that of adults! Therefore this good tip: never stand still next to the exhaust pipe of a car that just wants to drive off. Avoid the same reason, streets, traffic in the morning when you stopped your child to day care needs. Take a detour if necessary! And why not use baby carrier?

Minggu, 04 Desember 2011

Is there a good way to lose weight?

Bestaat er een goede manier om af te vallen?

Our healthy weight - the weight where we feel good and the body without any additional effort may remain as it is - is not always the weight of which we dream. Because who does not dream of in a cloud of a dress to show off ... When and how can we lose? An overview.

Ideal weight, weight and dreamed unrealistic weight

The ideal weight is the weight that suits our physique. You can calculate the somewhat cumbersome formula of the Body Mass Index.
But many women are - understandably - influenced by current fashion and there is no room for a tummy, thighs, or even a fuller rear. No wonder they are not satisfied with the ideal weight.
They dream of a weight that comes with a nice slim body which uniformly. The breast after it, because large breasts are in fashion. They follow a slimming diet, one that a friend has successfully completed, that is fashionable, or the rage on the Internet. If they have money, they move to a beauty salon for a massage, figure correction, electrical stimulation, a mesotherapy, lipolysis, etc. The bravest choose Pilate exercises or an exercise bike. And they fall off.
BUT all women who dream of a weight that does not really suit them, get a short or medium term inevitably back the pounds when she lost. This is the infamous yo-yo effect. For decades, highlighting the dangers, because in many cases it is indeed to obesity.
And then there are the women who are forever on the hunt for an unrealistically low weight that is miles away from their ideal weight. They are constantly dieting,   they are hungry, they swallow pills and drinking slimming tea. They live in an excessive fear of anything they could do thicken . In short, they destroy their health.

The real excess pounds

Perhaps you are one of those people who one slimming diet after another tried and therefore you are struggling with a lot of excess weight, then you should go to a doctor, nutritionist or a dietitian. Who will try to find out exactly what's wrong and whether that weight gain does not affect your health.
Perhaps he will require a balanced diet tailored to your individual and takes into account your tastes and social obligations. And he will encourage you to exercise more. In short, he will be back on the right track.
If you move well enough and if you have burned considerably enlarged, you will gradually and safely lose weight. You will also cultivate good habits, so you will not be coming back.

Without help lose weight? Not easy

If a dozen or a few tens of kilograms of weight to lose, has a very long way to go. And, therefore, they often commit blunders and seek refuge in such miracle diets, the type of diets by health authorities, however, is strongly discouraged!
One good solution is the Weight Watchers method.
This method is based on a balanced and calorie diet , and on discussion and exchange of experiences in the (obligatory and guided by an experienced expert) meetings. A study in 2000 showed that this method more effective than just losing weight under the supervision of a nutritionist and two consultations of 20 minutes each. Anses, the French agency for food safety , the method is not exposed in its major report, because it is no imbalance in the food show. The only point of criticism was about salt consumption. That fact is higher than the WHO recommendations. But there is a sleeve to adapt. Just a little less salt in the kitchen!