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Why men lose weight faster

Once a diet with your man done? Ten to one with him the pounds flew off seemingly effortlessly, while you had to work hard for less results. Very frustrating! Do you or your best is not enough it somewhere else?

Sad but true: women are indeed less likely than menThis has a number of reasons. Thus, men have more muscle on average, while the percentage of body fat in women is higher. Men therefore have more energy and burn fat faster. Then the difference between the known apple and the pear shape. Men generally have an apple type with more abdominal fat. That disappears relatively easier than the female fat on the hips and buttocks.

There is also a theory that women are quicker to grab food when they are stressed, lonely or depressed: the emo-eating . Men eat especially if they are hungry and at other times may be better to say no. That hormones play a role, has not been conclusively proven. Fact is that women are twice as affected by binge eating, which might be due to the fluctuating hormone levels due to the menstrual cycle.
Sports? Sociable!
Also in the gym, the difference is visible. Sport is a social activity for many women, it's about the fun. Men are generally more competitive and result. Moreover, they often opt for strength training , which according to recent research is very important for the combustion to maintain momentum and thus to lose.
Labels Experts
There is also good news for women? Absolutely. Many women have in recent years skills in reading labels and counting calories . They know better what healthy eating is and can therefore make better choices in the supermarket and a restaurant. Because no gentlemen, the fact that beer is a natural product, does not mean that it is good for you!
Round is nice
Can we learn something from men? How about a little less critical of our appearance! Most men will only act if their health is threatened because of their fat belly. Of course it is far better if you do not arrive late, but why should we continue to strive for unrealistic weight loss? Models mates are just a few. A constant weight is much better for your health and your mood than constant gejojo ​​.
Woman Power
If you want to lose some pounds, try looking at the male way. Say no to the chocolate and more ga competes with the trailing neighbor or sister. No more talking, just do it!

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