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Losing weight in a group

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Together we are stronger
If only the treat of a colleague turn. If only raw vegetables instead of sausage rolls. To lose weight you must have an iron will. What would it be nice if you can do together.Because together we are stronger. 
Motivation and inspiration.Slim Recipes. Tips on how to eat out. When you come to a slimming club, you do not do it all yourself to find out. Weight Watchers is of course a familiar example, but in every place there are a group of people with initiatives to the fight against obesity to go. Every week there is a meeting where you get information and be motivated to persevere. 

Bare buttocks
Big advantage - or disadvantage as you want - a common diet club is currently weighing the public. Do you want sometimes smuggle here you really need to expose the buttocks. So do you think twice before you get that bar of chocolate begins. And it works. 

Online weight loss
No time for one evening each week to come together?Nowadays you do not even out the door. Tap 'fall together' on Google and the online slimming clubs and forums flying past your ears. Even Weight Watchers has an online version. The principle remains the same: you get tips on good nutrition and exercise and you can motivate each other online as any setbacks. Only that you should weigh yourself. 

Down with the droppot
But you do not even need to lose weight in a club to choose. You can also collaborate with colleagues or friends to jointly agree to a fall. Do you tend to grab in an office and a droppot to or at the neighborhood barbeque half baguette inside to work, there is always someone you tap on the fingers. Or better yet, which simply removes droppot. For the less temptation, the better you maintain it. 

Success inspires
The success of cooperation does not fall from the sky.Research shows that losing weight is more success as a team."People around us affect our behavior and healthy habits," says researcher Tricia Leahey. "It may be useful as a bunch of friends together and trying to lose weight, healthy choices and each other accountable for those choices." Team members can motivate each other to stay on track. "If someone really well, this can affect the whole group," said Leahey. 

Here is the right trap to fall together: if any unlucky, it can also affect the whole group. Together with your neighbor secretly to the syrup waffles. A week to skip to the Weight Watchers because you have arrived and do not want to comment.Because as you can motivate each other, so you can demoralize each other. And you bet that the other likes it as attacking when you do not succeed. It still feels less failed. 

Only strong!
The moral of this story is: together you are strong, but remember that you only have to do it eventually! 

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