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13 Tips to Eat Less, So You Get Less Calories

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For a healthy weight is (unfortunately) necessary to exercise more and eat less. But that seems easier said than done.With these tips in mind you will see that you unwittingly get less calories. 

1. Water, water, water
It is a common tips, but we still put him with the number 1 : Drinking water. Two liters of water a day is good for you anyway, but especially important if you are on the line. It helps released waste disposal, reduces appetite and is good for bowel movements. Boring? Add a few drops of lemon or a sprig of mint. 

2 Eat not too little
Little food and still not lose weight, very frustrating but logical. Ie If you suddenly throws the brakes on your diet, your metabolism slows and your body starts getting smarter with the food arrives. Save no meals, do not crash diet and do not skimp on the fibers. 
3. Take a red sign
People who have a red sign eat or drink from a red cup, would be approximately 40 percent less food, so scientists have recently discovered. The Nutrition Centre suggests that environmental factors can affect your appetite indeed. Choose a small plate and small compass if you want to eat less. Do you just eat more fruit and vegetables? Present it on a beautiful plate, you take more often. 

4. Not for the tube
If you are behind the television or the newspapers carry away your meal, you eat often unnoticed more than you want. Sit down to a beautifully set table and enjoy aware of your meal. 

5. Eat slowly
It takes about 20 minutes before your brains to realize that you are eating and the signal 'full' issue. If within that time your meal which creates so often a time. So eat slowly. Put your knife and fork down after every bite and chew properly. Even better for thedigestion . 

6. Less sugar
That candy and soft drinks full of sugar is that we know. But look on the label of the tomato ketchup, gingerbread and fruit juice: 0 percent fat often means lots of sugar. Also in alcohol and fruit is high in sugar. Sugar chasing your blood sugar up, so in no time you get hungry again. A high blood sugar is also a risk for diabetes. 

7. More protein and fiber
Roast beef, chicken, peanut butter, nuts, salmon, eggs and beans are high in protein and that gives a feeling of fullness.Two hard boiled eggs you walk all morning. If you still taking plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grain bread to eat fiber , your digestive system do you a favor. 

8. Brushing teeth
Do you feel a binge coming? Then you can go brush your teeth.The fresh taste of the toothpaste , you do not feel like sweetness. 

9. Chew?
Chewing gum also gives a fresh taste, but you better not take too often. By chewing your stomach thinks that food comes the appetite and promoted. In addition, gum sweetener that higher doses of laxative works. 

10. Smart shopping
Actually it is simple: what you do not have in your home, you can not eat. Therefore look critically at your shopping list and take too much temptation in the form of chocolate, crisps and biscuits in the house.
11. Search derivation
Dancing, sports, ironing, working in the garden, go do something when you have cravings. Through the movement burned you even more calories . 

12. Put it together
Challenge your friend or neighbor to having you join. Together you are stronger. You can slim exchange recipes, motivate each other to the right foods to choose and support as any setbacks. 

13. Change of food
Do you notice after six weeks that the diet you are following does not work? Then go looking for a method that is right for you. From blood type diet to Weight Watchers , there is always something you can sustain it.

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