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Physical effort: how to get the easiest kilos?


It is now scientifically proven: exercise regularly or exercise is healthy. But physical activity is also a very efficient way to get a slimmer line and even pounds to lose. Which sports are recommended and what effect they have on our figure?

Does vemageren sport?

No, sports only will you lose weight. But regular exercise is an indispensable ally in the fight against the pounds or to get a beautiful figure.
Sports stimulates calorie consumption, while production of the muscle tonicity of the body benefit and thus contributes to a tighter and slimmer figure.
But physical activity is good for morale, so some of us probably also less inclined to snack between meals too. And finally the exercise regulates appetite.

What type of exercise for a slimmer figure?

That is the easiest to practice activity. All you need is a good pair of sneakers! Running strengthens the thighs and buttocks and the latter gives a nice round shape. An interesting alternative to jogging is also roller skating!
Cycling can happen inside or outside and is a very 'complete' sport. Not only the legs have to work hard, but also the thighs and abdomen and even the upper body (back, arms, shoulders) are firmly in charge.
Swimming, water aerobics, aqua biking
The water extracts the body to the laws of gravity, while the movements in the water carried a massaging effect on the entire body. Swimming is ideal for beautiful legs to grow, but it also strengthens the upper body and helps to develop slimmer figure. Who does not like the monotonous swim laps, water aerobics is a very dynamic and more effective alternative.
Aqua Biking (stairs into the water) has a draining effect and is an ideal remedy for cellulite (orange peel). But the abdominal muscles are strongly addressed. A flat stomach is guaranteed!
With every kind of dance and whatever the rhythm, the legs and arms, abdominals and thighs work. Result: slimmer legs, firm thighs, flat stomach and tight arms. Dancing is also very good for morale and the cardiorespiratory system (heart and lungs).
Yoga, Pilates
Like yoga, Pilates makes the body supple and dispels the tensions. The consecutive series of postures and breath work to strengthen the abdominal area and help you especially to a flat stomach. The back and shoulders this hard work.
What sports to lose weight: some observations
  • Depending on your weight (eg For the seriously overweight, certain sports joints too burdensome), your age and general health status forms of exercise are less appropriate. Talk safety reasons or if you have any doubts about your doctor. He can advise and even help you in preparing your sports program.
  • The effect of exercise obviously depends on the intensity of the effort, but regularity is very important. A single intense exercise per week makes no sense. Spread your efforts throughout the week. Sport as it is daily or at least three times per week.
  • Do it in the beginning gently and do not forget to first warm up.
  • If you restart out after a long period of inactivity, let yourself get better medical investigations - especially if you're over 45.
  • Warning: the effect of exercise is very gradually to feel. Sports should always be accompanied by a healthy, balanced and not too high-calorie diet.
And to the people "to sit still 'under you to motivate, everything counts, and every little bit helps! So try as often as possible to move and combine your activities on foot instead of by car, standing or stepping all phone calls, walks up the stairs instead of the elevator, housekeeping, gardening ...
In summary: any sport for which body?

For beautiful legs: jogging , cycling , water biking, water aerobics, roller skating…
For tight butt jogging, aqua biking ...
For a flat stomach: Pilates, aqua biking, dancing, tightrope ...
In a slimming program: jogging, swimming, cycling, dancing, gym ...

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