Kamis, 19 April 2012

Increase your libido with food

Watermelon is an aphrodisiac?
Erectile dysfunction can not be remedied by diet, but certain foods can make a contribution to an active and vibrant sex life. We have a number you put in a row. 
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The asparagus is rich in potassiumand calcium, valuable substances which stimulate hormone production and increase your energy. The blood flow to your genitals is stimulated by the presence of vitamin E. 


Long ago the Romans dichtten have aphrodisiac powers to celery. They used the fruit is frequent in various dishes. They proved to be right, because celery is packed with the pheromone androstenone and androstenol, an attractive force that would have on women.

A known aphrodisiac, and rightly so: oysters contain a lot of zinc, a vital component for the production of testosterone . In addition, oysters also ensure that certain sex hormones are produced.

To regulate your libido and your pleasure, you have the right level testosterone. In chicken sit zinc and vitamin B6, both key to testosterone production.

Garlic is a very potent aphrodisiac. It contains the powerful ingredient allicin, that the blood flow and increases your libido.

Did you know that eating a watermelon can have the same effect as Viagra ? It features the amino acids citrulline and arginine, which promote the production of nitric oxide, a compound that relaxes blood vessels in the body. Viagra works the same way.

According to the International Journal of Impotence Research pomegranate is a remedy against erectile dysfunction.Scientists believe that because of the powerful antioxidants in pomegranate juice that help prevent nasty free radicals disrupt the circulation.

Dark chocolate
Chocolate is not just aphrodisiac, but scientists at the University Hospital of Cologne have shown that dark chocolate also have high blood pressure decreases. And that can help men with impotence problems. Flavonoids in cocoa help to produce nitric oxide, a chemical substance that helps the blood vessels in your penis relax. This in turn has a better blood flow and a better erection, as a result. 

Jumat, 13 April 2012

Alcohol creatively

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Psychologists at the University of Illinois forty young men showed a creativity test which is often used in scientific experiments, the Remote Associates Test. 
Faster resolution
Those with a BAC of 0.75 in their blood - which is equivalent to two glasses of beer - made ​​this test better than subjects who had not drunk. They solved about 40 percent more puzzles. They also answered the questions in an average of 12 seconds, in place of the 15.5 seconds of participants who fasted needed. 
According to the researchers, the alcohol you are more relaxed , allowing you to quickly see the whole picture. The disadvantage of alcohol is that your reaction is deteriorating. "To concentrate can ensure that you can not see new possibilities. To be able to come up with creative solutions, you have a broader, more flexible form of concentration needed," says Jennifer Wiley.

Selasa, 10 April 2012

In balance with yoga

For some, yoga is a way to relax. For others it is an exercise to the body supple. What type of yoga you choose, - intense or calm - it's a good way to get the body to stretch, strengthen and relax.

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Yoga is a way to both body and mind to keep fit. When you take yoga body postures, learn breathing techniques and meditation.Further improve your agility , strength and shape of muscles, while the body with the mind works. 

Choose your own form

It is important to find a yoga form that suits you. Some forms focus mainly on breathing, others holding a certain attitude and others are meditative. In hatha yoga, the most widespread form, you concentrate on the most gentle stretching and strengthening exercises. 

A form of yoga that is fast gaining popularity is power yoga . This type of yoga is a series of very intense yoga postures that are repeated. This spicy training can help develop strength and flexibility. 

For anyone interested in perfecting every movement is Iyengar appropriate. This style focuses on the attitudes with static exercises. An excellent way for anyone who wants to start yoga. 

Is yoga for me?

It is important to first define your goals before you start with yoga. Because yoga alone is not everything. The intensity for example, is not high enough endurance or strength. 

From yoga you do get stronger, but you develop strength much more effectively by training with weights. With yoga you use few calories, so you do not fall off. You also get no better condition, unless you go running to your yoga class. 

With yoga or develop your flexibility, balance and relaxation.These improvements in daily life is very good stead, as in bending the back, rotate or pick something up. 

Start with yoga

Find a class near you go around and see if you like it. Also with more and more yoga fitness clubs is on the roster. If you meet the intensive yoga classes begin, make sure you do that you're healthy. 

Build it slowly and do not expect too much of yourself. Even people who are reasonably fit, can the first few times difficult to fully implement all positions.

Sabtu, 07 April 2012

Barn eggs as healthy as organic

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For your health does not matter what you buy eggs. An organic or free-uitloopei not very different in composition from an ordinary egg, according to research by the Consumers.
The Consumers tested 17 brands organic, free range and barn eggs in Dutch supermarkets. All eggs have approximately the same composition of fat and cholesterol . Only the healthy omega-eggs contain more fat than other eggs. 

Brown or white 

The study shows that brown eggs better than white. The color of the scale depends on the breed of chicken.White eggs are often erroneously given to animal-unfriendly, reducing demand for it and they are cheaper. 

Yolk color 

The yolk color also says nothing about the nutritional value: the color is due to dyes in the chicken feed. The real difference between the egg lies in the treatment of the chicken. 

Welfare chickens 

For the chicken makes a lot of eggs from which is chosen. On an organic farm, a chicken better than her natural behavior in a barn stall. Eggs which the producer extra attention to the welfare of the chicken, are therefore best best test in the test of the eggs Healthy Guide April / May. 

Many cage houses 

Consumers who think that all free-range chickens today in a stable life, are wrong. One third of the chickens in the Netherlands is still alive in cage houses. Such cage eggs are plenty in processed products such as biscuits.