Jumat, 25 Mei 2012

Caesarean increases the risk of overweight children

Babies who are born by Caesarean section have twice the risk of overweight as babies the natural way through the world. This according to a study from Boston Children's Hospital.

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Between 1999 and 2002 were 1,255 babies immediately after birth measured and weighed. About a quarter of these children was through a caesarean birth. After six months and at three years old they were weighed again.

More often overweight

Mothers who gave birth by Caesarean section, proved himself more often overweight. The birth weight of their babies was higher. Of the babies who were born through the vagina, had at the age of 7.5 percent overweight. Of the babies who were born by Caesarean section, had 16 percent after three years of obesity: almost twice as much so. They had a higher BMI and fat percentage.

Intestinal Bacteria

The researchers believe that a cesarean affects the intestinal flora of babies. Earlier research has shown that babies after a caesarean more Firmicutes bacteria and less Bacteroides bacteria in their intestines. This may influence the development of insulin resistance , fat storage and the amount of energy you get from your food.

Kamis, 24 Mei 2012

8 questions about thirst

How do you get enough fluids?
Nice enough, warm weather. But how do you ensure that you have enough fluid intake? Counts beer too? And coffee? And why we drink often enough? 
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1. Why are elderly people at greater risk of dehydration?
Young, healthy people do not dry out so fast, even if it is very warm. Once the body loses a lot of moisture, is the brains in an imaginary ring a bell that creates a thirst, so there is drunk. In the elderly, from the age of 65, the system works increasingly less well.Certainly it is less than 80. Then it may happen that someone forgets to drink.Whoever is on medication that affect the water balance (such as water pills) such as a stomach flu and get it, runs a high risk of dehydration.

2. What happens in the body as it dries?
When starting the body will lack its humidity minimizing lost. Theperspiration is thus at a low ebb. This is unhealthy because sweating causes the body temperature in heat does not rise.Also, the kidneys produce less urine. Few need the toilet (less than once every three to five hours) is a first sign of dehydration.Then fluid flows from the cells to the bloodstream, so blood volume and blood pressure are maintained. This drying the cells slowly. This is evident in the skin, as that remains upright even when he is pulled up, it can also be a sign of dehydration.
The brain cells are also susceptible to dehydration. This manifests itself in confusion. When this stage is still no moisture comes in, it really harmful dehydration. The sodium balance is disturbed and the blood pressure. This gives a light-headedness and may lead to fainting. Is the moisture content of sodium and not be filled up, then a shock, and a coma can result. So important is drinking so.
3. How dangerous is a heatwave for the elderly?
The heat wave in 2010 (five days warmer than  25 º C, three of which at least 30 º C) about 500 deceased elderly more than normal in such a period, according to figures from the CBS. Dehydration is not the main reason for the extra deaths. Usually, people with heart or lung problems.Dehydration causes initially for many health problems that can lead to hospitalization. It increases the risk of such infections and kidney stones . Too little fluid can also be thrombosis in the hand work. American research shows that of all people over 65 who are hospitalized, 7 percent moisture deficit has. 

4. If dehydration is easy to recognize, why is it so common?
In the elderly it is less easy to determine. The simple little test with pulling up the skin does not have for example, an older skin is usually drier and remains always 'stand'. A symptom such as confusion is not always recognizable, especially when someone is demented is. And decreased sweating? We do it al the elderly There are other ways to verify someone drink enough, but they are time consuming and sometimes just not feasible. For example, roads. This is to calculate how much someone gets and loses moisture. But this is very radical, especially for bedridden people.
'Just' cause a frail older drink enough, is easier said than done.Sometimes the swallowing reflex is not in order. Also, in nursing homes is not always enough staff to a large proportion of the residents to help at least two liters a day to drink. Add the fact that caregivers in the summer sometimes also be absent because of vacation, and the problem is clear.
5. How do you ensure that frail elderly people drink enough when it's hot?
With simple tricks. For example, place not just water , tea, coffee or juice down, but do yourself a glass, go sit down and drink some fun together. Pour one more time as the glass is empty.Both a water or eat ice cream. A dish juicy fruit is a great way to add extra moisture to get inside. Go you on holiday, make sure there is someone else who keeps an eye on things and take the time to have a drink together. Are you caregiver for a frail elderly who live independently, please contact the doctor to ask whether any medication should be adapted to the warm weather. For people living in a nursing home residence, the staff in the holes. 

6. And how do you ensure that you also have enough fluid intake?
By on hot days at least two liters per day to drink. Often goes without saying. But if you sweat a lot or when you exercise, it is necessary to drink extra. Take the sweat off, you do fewer trips to the toilet, the urine is darker and you get a light feeling in your head, then there is probably a starting fluid deficiency. A(isotonic) sports drink is a good way to supplement. A glass of lemonade is also good. Or make yourself a drink that sugar and salt supplements: a glass of water with a tablespoon of sugar and a teaspoon of salt. Not recommended for people with high blood pressure. 

7. Beer is still too damp?
Right. And of course a beer on a hot day no problem. Many beers are, or other alcoholic beverage. Alcohol acts namely diuretic. Alcohol also has a treacherous side: it may seem that drink makes for confused behavior, while in reality the moisture deficit in the brains is the cause. Coffee and tea are also counted along with the at least two liters per day should be drunk. 

8. Which diseases and medications need to be extra careful when it's hot?
In any case the use of diuretics, water pills so. It is wise to consult with a doctor or specialist on an appropriate dose when it is hot. This also applies to people with heart failure or angina pectoris. These disorders may be associated with decreased blood pressure, and then a lack of moisture (with an even lower blood pressure as a consequence) an additional risk.
People with diabetes should also pay attention. If the glucose level is high, it is excreted through urine, and there is loss of moisture that needs to be supplemented. There are also drugs that affect the level of sweating. One side effect of antidepressants may be that intense perspiration. This fluid must be replenished. Medication for Parkinson's disease, allergy and incontinence can actually discouraging sweating, thus reducing noticed that it's warm and there must be more drunk.

Rabu, 23 Mei 2012

To crash or not to crash?

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The Cambridge diet, soup diet, fruit diet, illustrious names for popular crash diets. You know, the type 'in a week three pounds. Perfect to just before the summer to lose some pounds, but not so smart for the long term. 

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A party, vacation plans , there are countless reasons why you quickly from a few pounds will. A crash diet is very alluring. Within a very short time you fall off a lot. That's because your little calories eat, but usually about 500 per day. Think of the morning pineapple, afternoon papaya and evening smoked chicken. No wonder you lose weight.
And that is exactly what makes the advantage of a crash diet: it is very fast.And those few pounds may just be enough to get into that one slimfit jeans to fit. Several days a crash diet can probably do no harm, according to the Nutrition Centum. Longer you should not do. It is very important to you to keep exactly to the menu. If you are bootlegs, it will not work.
Low energy
There are also disadvantages. You lose in the beginning especially humidity. Soon, the body muscles to break down and get your organs the brunt. This is not without risk. Moreover, a crash diet, not all the nutrients the body needs. Because you eat little, and few calories being consumed, you will be less energyhave. Supplement with a multivitamin is always a must. And your humor is a crash diet usually no boost.

But the main disadvantage of a crash diet, the risk. Once you start eating normally again, the pounds will probably fly again soon. There is nothing changed in your way of eating. It is also possible that your metabolism is set to low in calories. In other words, your body goes into Powersave mode. Eat your back to normal, then your body stores the extra calories for tough times. And in your hips.

Let's face it, deep in our hearts we know that does not crash.But it can be so seductive. Think before you waste what you do with your attempt to reach. If you only want a quick few pounds off, it would be an option. But if you want long term weight loss and, more importantly, maintain their weight, then you really have to eat differently and exercise more .

It sounds boring, but unfortunately, we can not make fun! Well easier. Find a diet that suits you and do not be too hard on yourself. Then it takes you the least trouble and you will eventually slim, fit and healthy!