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Ice cream just as addictive as drugs

BAARN - Everyone knows that a mouthful of ice cream you crave for more, but research now shows why ice is just as addictive as cocaine. The brains are increasingly required to continue to get satisfaction.
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U.S. scientists report that the Oregon Research Institute. The study was published online in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.
The researchers concluded that people can desire for ice cream the same way as drug addicts may require. They discovered that the brains in both cases were more like. 

The study confirms the results of previous studies that people can become addicted to certain foods such as sugar .

Eating habits
For the study, scientists studied 151 teenagers aged between 14 and 16 years. All participants had a healthy weight. She was also previously asked about their eating habits and how much they craved certain foods.
Their brains were scanned with functional MRI while they got to see a picture of a milkshake for getting a real milkshake. 

Thus they discovered that people who in previous weeks, many shakes and ice had received less enjoyed and were not easily satisfied. They increasingly needed to have the same feeling of satisfaction to reach as the first time.

Further research should reveal whether this also applies to other nutrients and how the brains just react to certain foods.

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