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Bags under the eyes: how to get the bags under my lower eyelids password?


 The bags under the lower eyelids are very low, just above the cheekbone and something on the outside. They are very common in alcoholics. Therefore they also associated with negative connotations. These bags under the lower eyelids are also common in people who are a year older, said Dr. Catherine de Goursac *, aesthetic physician.

Bags under the lower eyelids: everyone can be confronted
Bags under the lower eyelids are not only at people who are alcohol drinking. They come in many people, whether little or much alcohol, and that both men and women. They appear as you get older, when the sagging cheekbones. These bags under the lower eyelids associated with aging, but they are mainly due to poor lymphatic drainage.

On what is the treatment of bags under the lower eyelids?
At this moment we can under-eye bags not so good deal. We have however a number of means to do something.
The first relates to preventive measures: eat less salt, ventilate the room and morning cold compresses applied. All agents that stimulate lymphatic drainage.
If it is pronounced bags under the eyes, lymph drainage is recommended by an esthetician. It is in fact a local massage . Usually performed by physiotherapists lymphatic drainages, but that is not the case for lymph drainage in the face. What the bags under the lower eyelids are concerned, the best results achieved by beauticians.

In a later stage can be obtained from an aesthetic doctor who will administer hyaluronidase. Hyaluronidase is an enzyme that degrades hyaluronic acid. The bags under the lower eyelids are indeed a kind of edema that hyaluronic acid accumulates. By injecting hyaluronidase, reduces the volume while the circulation is stimulated, which in turn is reducing in size the walls.

The last option is a surgical procedure . The goal is some muscles back to their place to get to the walls disappear. This surgery is very delicate and is rarely performed.

Decision: it is therefore possible to use relatively simple techniques to take measures against bags under the lower eyelids. Surgery is reserved for serious cases. The simplest method is prevention: small, daily habits can prevent the lymfvocht accumulates and stagnates. Do not hesitate to timely seek guidance from a beautician or an aesthetic physician.

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