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Is there a good way to lose weight?

Bestaat er een goede manier om af te vallen?

Our healthy weight - the weight where we feel good and the body without any additional effort may remain as it is - is not always the weight of which we dream. Because who does not dream of in a cloud of a dress to show off ... When and how can we lose? An overview.

Ideal weight, weight and dreamed unrealistic weight

The ideal weight is the weight that suits our physique. You can calculate the somewhat cumbersome formula of the Body Mass Index.
But many women are - understandably - influenced by current fashion and there is no room for a tummy, thighs, or even a fuller rear. No wonder they are not satisfied with the ideal weight.
They dream of a weight that comes with a nice slim body which uniformly. The breast after it, because large breasts are in fashion. They follow a slimming diet, one that a friend has successfully completed, that is fashionable, or the rage on the Internet. If they have money, they move to a beauty salon for a massage, figure correction, electrical stimulation, a mesotherapy, lipolysis, etc. The bravest choose Pilate exercises or an exercise bike. And they fall off.
BUT all women who dream of a weight that does not really suit them, get a short or medium term inevitably back the pounds when she lost. This is the infamous yo-yo effect. For decades, highlighting the dangers, because in many cases it is indeed to obesity.
And then there are the women who are forever on the hunt for an unrealistically low weight that is miles away from their ideal weight. They are constantly dieting,   they are hungry, they swallow pills and drinking slimming tea. They live in an excessive fear of anything they could do thicken . In short, they destroy their health.

The real excess pounds

Perhaps you are one of those people who one slimming diet after another tried and therefore you are struggling with a lot of excess weight, then you should go to a doctor, nutritionist or a dietitian. Who will try to find out exactly what's wrong and whether that weight gain does not affect your health.
Perhaps he will require a balanced diet tailored to your individual and takes into account your tastes and social obligations. And he will encourage you to exercise more. In short, he will be back on the right track.
If you move well enough and if you have burned considerably enlarged, you will gradually and safely lose weight. You will also cultivate good habits, so you will not be coming back.

Without help lose weight? Not easy

If a dozen or a few tens of kilograms of weight to lose, has a very long way to go. And, therefore, they often commit blunders and seek refuge in such miracle diets, the type of diets by health authorities, however, is strongly discouraged!
One good solution is the Weight Watchers method.
This method is based on a balanced and calorie diet , and on discussion and exchange of experiences in the (obligatory and guided by an experienced expert) meetings. A study in 2000 showed that this method more effective than just losing weight under the supervision of a nutritionist and two consultations of 20 minutes each. Anses, the French agency for food safety , the method is not exposed in its major report, because it is no imbalance in the food show. The only point of criticism was about salt consumption. That fact is higher than the WHO recommendations. But there is a sleeve to adapt. Just a little less salt in the kitchen!

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  1. The best way to loose weight is action and motion. Just move your body.