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The Greatest Enemies of Our Teeth

De grootste vijanden van onze tanden

Our teeth can suffer many ways - by a hard blow, a fall, excessive eating, due to medication or disease, etc. But in everyday life, sugar and tobacco are the greatest enemies our teeth. How do these two formidable enemies exactly the steps to damage our teeth?

1. Enemy of the teeth: sugar

Sugar serves as food for many bacteria that thrive in our mouth, which in turn produce acids. These acids affect the mineralized tissues (enamel) of the tooth and cause tooth decay over time.
But sugar also works by a different mechanism, thus causing its decay power reinforced. The sugar that we get brings the pH of the saliva which is downward, causing the acidity in our mouths and thus increases the risk of caries.

How can you protect yourself from sugar?

  • By eating less sugar of course! But there are other slopes.
  • Brushing the teeth after every meal.
  • Not eating or snacking between meals, and otherwise always brush your teeth afterwards. Did you know that even bread and milk sugars (complex carbohydrates), and thus production of acid by the bacteria cause?
  • Chewing gum without sugar if you eat do not have a chance to brush your teeth (by chewing increases saliva production and find a self-cleaning of the teeth instead).
  • Especially avoid sugary drinks. They are often consumed between meals and increase the acidity in the mouth more because they not only sweetened but often very acidic!
  • A fact: you do to prevent dental caries in children known as a seal grooves of the tooth. This can happen if the definitive choose from, and that until they are 14 years.

Sugar, teeth and inflammation

The oral bacteria are not only dangerous because of the acids they produce. As they proliferate, they can also lead to gingivitis (gum inflammation) and periodontitis (inflammation of the periodontium, the joint support tissues of the teeth).
These bacteria can spread to other places in the body and - again by an inflammatory process - cardiovascular problems do arise. Poor oral and dental hygiene has, for example the risk of arteriosclerosis (narrowing of arteries by fatty deposits) rise or the risk of relapse after a heart attack. 

Enemy No. 2 of the teeth: the cigarette

The cigarette comes in two rather than as an enemy of our teeth, not because they are less dangerous than sugar, but because it applies only to smoking.
affects the gums and supporting tissues of the teeth. In time the teeth come through to be independent. Smoking dries the mouth out well (too little saliva) and thus promotes tooth decay, reduced elasticity of the mucous membranes, bad breath and a loss of taste and smell. Aesthetically yellow teeth from smoking and they get spots.
Smoking is
also, finally, cancer of the oral cavity in hand, but also cancer of the mucous membranes (lips, cheeks), tongue, gums, the periodontal. With each pull on the cigarette, hundreds of toxic substances in direct contact with the cells in our mouths.
The risk of oral cancer is further boosted by alcohol (the combination of alcohol and tobacco is common).
also slows the healing of the wound after tooth extraction and increases the risk of complications after placement of an implant. Placing an implant also failed more frequently in smokers.

How can you protect your lips against tobacco?

  • By not smoking or not, of course.
  • Through a good oral and dental hygiene to keep.
  • By regularly to the dentist, so that all lesions detected early and treated.
  • And especially not say I am going to quit smoking and then I'll go to the dentist. Because everyone knows that smoking cessation can be long.

Regularly remove tartar is the absolute minimum!

Going to the dentist regularly is important both for the damage caused by sugar or by smoking. The purpose of such visit - at least - the removal of tartar (removal of the plaque formed by bacteria and food residues). Also make sure an appointment when in doubt (toothache, red or swollen gums, bleeding).
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