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Allergy risk: we must protect babies from pollution?

Pollution is one of the risk factors for respiratory allergies. Exposure to pollutants in the environment affects and irritates the airways namely, increasing the risk of developing an allergy increases. We know that the risk of an allergy at birth in the body can not settle and that the quality of air is essential for newborn babies, because their respiratory systems are still hard at developing. How can we protect infants than against pollution?

The risks of allergies by air pollution

An allergy to pollen, certain foods, dust mites, animal hair, etc. .. There are a lot of allergies and they often develop in childhood. How to prevent and reduce our risk of allergies from birth? It's a common question in families where a parent, a brother or sister already allergic. Air pollution is a risk factor for respiratory allergies that even asthma can lead to pollutants because the lining of the airways directly affect at a crucial moment of their development.
Babies need good air. Because their respiratory systems are still developing it fully, they are more sensitive to pollutants. These can cause irreparable damage and the development of allergic diseases like asthma in hand work. Cough, irritation, runny nose or red eyes are all respiratory symptoms suggestive of exposure to pollution, or even at the beginning of a true allergy. A child with asthma will, after exposure to polluted air in even more symptoms.

How do you prevent your baby getting too many pollutants?

Why not take a breath of fresh air in the countryside?
If you live in the countryside, you are obviously less exposed to pollution. But if you live in the city, you can often walk to the countryside for a ride so the baby's lungs can absorb fresh air. You have got to 50 km from the nearest city driving and avoid traffic jams on the way. Otherwise all the advantages of this excursion into the green partially lost (the contaminants from the surrounding cars are concentrated in the front of the car). If you choose, the sea is the ideal destination. You can also go during the holidays draw (the sea air dissipates efficiently the pollutants). The mountains are great, but then keep it below 1,000 m altitude.
The ideal conditions for air trips
Not come out if you live in the city, is no solution. Ideal for morning walks, and that dry and nice but not too hot weather (be careful with sunny days without a breeze). Go out after a rain, is also a good idea, because such a storm drives away the pollutants. Avoid better days with fog, because it concentrates the pollutants. Peak hours, with traffic, are also to avoid. The same goes for walks near a busy road. Plan your route in advance so you can make the greenest neighborhoods.
Be careful with the pram or buggy!
People do not always realize that a baby is one of the most hazardous situations for infants' exposure to pollution. Babies who are so taken on the walk, or lie down just at the height of the exhaust pipes. They were estimated as 30% more pollutants than that of adults! Therefore this good tip: never stand still next to the exhaust pipe of a car that just wants to drive off. Avoid the same reason, streets, traffic in the morning when you stopped your child to day care needs. Take a detour if necessary! And why not use baby carrier?

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