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Artificial nails are dangerous?

Zijn kunstnagels gevaarlijk?

Have false nails or false nails disadvantages? Are they harmful to the real nails? Are there risks anyway? Are the words of Dr. Philippe Abimelec, dermatologist and specialist in the field of nails.

There are different types of artificial nails or tips. There are flexible plastic nails on the nails applied with glue. There are also acrylic nails stronger. They are made ​​of acrylic resin and the nails into shape charged. They air dry and sometimes accelerated the drying process (UV, special liquid). In any case, the nails slightly auctioned at the top for inserting the artificial nail. This is the most aggressive part of the surgery. It makes the nails more fragile and increases the penetration of products that are quite toxic. 

Are gels, resins and adhesives that may damage the nails?

Dr. Philippe Abimelec: Yes, all products that are useful to be aggressive for the skin. The more the nails are filed, the deeper the products through the nail to penetrate the skin. The glue used to stick to the hints would be less toxic than the gel and the resin, because only small quantities are used. Manicures often add just before applying a liquid for the nails to do well and stick Also that liquid can be fatal.

What are the complications of wearing fake nails?

Dr. Philippe Abimelec: The acrylic resin may cause irritation and eczema care on the surrounding skin and often at some distance (eyelids, face, neck). Artificial Nails promote loosening of the natural nails because the resin sometimes the skin under the nails affects, and because the longer the nails, the greater the risk is that they come loose. The natural nails get a white color. In case of a bacterial infection, however, they are yellow or green ... make your own nails Artificial nails more fragile. They are thinner and more will break. That explains why there is not very natural nails look good when the artificial nails removed. This also means that you as quickly as possible to make new fake nails ...

Do you have tips to reduce damage from artificial nails?

Dr. Philippe Abimelec: Wearing artificial nails should be avoided, even temporarily. And if you want to do absolutely false nails, then hints safer than nails on the nails are sculpted. The quality and training of persons who nails is essential. Preference shall be given to beauty salons with a good reputation and sufficient experience in the field of artificial nails. The people who work there use the least harmful methods.

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