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How to format chapped lips?

Hoe gebarsten lippen opmaken?
Winter see our lips from the cold and damp weather. They are fragile and sometimes even cracks and fissures come. Treaties do not they make up more? we just need to know how to address it.

Winter Make-up of the lips: especially exfoliate

Gaps or chapped lips are not the only symptoms of a cold-damaged skin. Often there appears dead skin, a sign that the lips are trying to recover. If you make lipstick and want a good result, you must do so before a peel. Take therefore a very soft product. Your skin has already become brittle by the cold, you do not need them again entrust caustics! There are market specific products to obtain peels of lips, but a gentle peeling product for the face may also serve for the lips.

The ideal: makeup protects the skin and softens

As soon as your lips are soft, you can use the actual make-up begin. Preferably use a product with active ingredients that soften, hydrate and protect, such as jojoba oil, allantoin and vitamin E . Many lipsticks say a moisturizing effect, but read it for security reasons always to list the ingredients on it! If you are not hydrating lipstick and you do not want to spend money, you get a layer of balm on your lips, apply (eg cocoa butter) and then apply the lipstick.

What color and texture I choose as my lips are chapped?

The color you may choose completely, which has little impact on your lips. For the texture you should choose a good covering cream, the type of colored gloss. Any mankementjes due to the cold are better camouflaged. Matte lipstick easily fills the cracks and wrinkles and makes so much less visible.

Beautify is good, care is better

All these tips are for simple cracks. But if your lips are cracked or even serious fissures exhibit, you'll want to make the lipstick a few days to omit them for a while to deal with a restorative balm. Those found in the pharmacy . You can not live without lipstick? Prevent chapped lips then so you will never be in that situation. Use a lip balm and / or a protective lipstick for the cold strikes!

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