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Quit smoking: 10 Tips

How do you keep your full of good intentions?

You smoked your last cigarette on New Year's Eve? Then you start the new year a lot healthier! To your good intention to hold on, we put the best tips for you here.

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1. Why do you stop

So you want to quit smoking, but why exactly? "Because it's bad for me" is not enough. To stay motivated, you need a good personal reason for stopping. Maybe you want your environment from the dangers of passive smoking? Or is lung cancer a nightmare? Would you fitter? Select a reason so strong that it deters you a cigarette stabbing.

2. Do not stop cold turkey

Most people who quit without medication or therapy intervention soon returned the cigarettes. There are many tools such as nicotine replacement and medications, use them. 

3. Do not do it alone

Tell everyone that you left for your friends, family and colleagues can drag you through hard times. 

4. Relax

For many people, smoking is a tool for stress. They think they relax a cigarette. Now you do not smoke, you need something else to get rid of your stress. Get a massage, listen to relaxing music. Try to avoid stressful situations equally. 

5. Avoid alcohol

Some activities may put you always have a cigarette. For example in your coffee or a drink. Break these habits from a time not to drink coffee and replace temporarily by tea. You always smoke after eating, brushing your teeth or after meals or chewing gum. 

6. Brush your house

Once you stopped, you will encounter nothing that reminds you of your old addiction. Throw an all ashtrays lighters out of the house. Was everything that typical smell of smoke still hangs like your clothes, curtains and carpets. 

7. Make a new attempt

It is very normal to suffer a relapse. Most smokers try several times before stopping for good works. Consider what caused relapse: an emotion or circumstances? Use this knowledge to your new quit attempt.

8. Move

Exercise may be craving for nicotine and reduce withdrawal symptoms. Put on your running shoes or hop on the bike instead of a cigarette to intervene. So once you burn the extra pounds that might aagekomen since you stopped smoking. 

9. Eat Fruit

Quit smoking while on a diet does require a lot of willpower.Focus rather on healthy eating as many fruits and vegetables. A study by Duke University showed that cigarettes are therefore less tasty flavors.

10. Reward yourself

Besides the health benefits, saving you a lot of money now that you stopped! Put the money you previously spent on cigarettes into a piggy bank and buy yourself something nice for your switch money.

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