Jumat, 13 April 2012

Alcohol creatively

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Psychologists at the University of Illinois forty young men showed a creativity test which is often used in scientific experiments, the Remote Associates Test. 
Faster resolution
Those with a BAC of 0.75 in their blood - which is equivalent to two glasses of beer - made ​​this test better than subjects who had not drunk. They solved about 40 percent more puzzles. They also answered the questions in an average of 12 seconds, in place of the 15.5 seconds of participants who fasted needed. 
According to the researchers, the alcohol you are more relaxed , allowing you to quickly see the whole picture. The disadvantage of alcohol is that your reaction is deteriorating. "To concentrate can ensure that you can not see new possibilities. To be able to come up with creative solutions, you have a broader, more flexible form of concentration needed," says Jennifer Wiley.

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