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Five Exercises To Strengthen Your Neck Muscles

Vijf oefeningen om uw nekspieren te versterken

Do you have sensitive cervical vertebrae? Cause your neck or your shoulder sometimes discomfort or even pain? Then it may be time to strengthen muscles of your nekstreek. Below are five specific exercises for the neck muscles. Do it several times a week.

Strengthen weak neck

Do you occasionally have trouble with your neck? Certain postures, movements and activities such as work on the PC can lead to stiffness, discomfort and sometimes pain in the neck and shoulders. With a few simple exercises that strengthen the muscles around your neck bones, you can do away with these inconveniences.
Note that the exercises presented here are only for the stresses in the high-back to decrease.
For stiffness in the neck, arthritis and other problems that can cause damage to the cervical spine must go to a doctor or physiotherapist.

1. Nekspieroefening

Hook your fingers together and put them behind your head, your elbows spread wide open and pull your chin. Now push your hands and push your head forward while your head back in order to provide unchallenged. Work with short press times without a dynamic movement of it. Repeat the pressure points 15 to 20 times.
2. Nekspieroefening 

Place one of your palms on your forehead if you would support. Push your head down if you want to bend. Working again with brief moments of pressure without a real fluid movement out of it. Repeat the pressure points 15 to 20 times.
You can also cross your hands and place on your forehead, keep your palms or out.

3. Nekspieroefening

Place one palm on each temple and the elbows spread wide open.
Now push the one alternating with the other hand against your head and try to do your head straight.
The intention is that you have to pressure.

4. Nekspieroefening 

This is a variation on the previous exercise. Tilt your head to one side and place your palm on the sleep of the opposite side to pressure.

5. Nekspieroefening

Stretch both arms above your head, cross your hands and pull strongly to separate them. Bring your arms down and put the meantime, pull on.

Take time to exercise.
Avoid quick movements and especially abrupt pressures. Increase the strength of the pressure slightly and very gradually so you must offer more resistance. You can also increase the number of pressure points from 20 to 50.
Do the exercises several times a week, ideally 3 to 4 times.
Only then are they effective.

Additionally, you must also pay attention to your posture.
Have a good attitude in everything you do: work or leisure activities on the PC  if you sit at your desk (straight back), if a call (clip the phone not between your ear and shoulder), driving (control position of the seat and mirrors) and even if you sleep (neck line of the spine) or watching television (eyes at the height of the screen).

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