Minggu, 20 November 2011

I'm always hungry for 11 hours. What should I do?

Ik heb altijd honger om 11 uur. Wat moet ik doen?
A rumbling stomach at the end of the morning is a sign that breakfast was meager. Breakfast is important, and yet many people are struggling. Some tips to prevent us from skipping.

Battery empty in the morning

If you in the morning between 6 and 7 o'clock rise, your batteries pretty empty (unless of course the night before very late and very richly've eaten). And that's normal, because when evening about 20 hours eating there since your last meal about ten hours elapsed. During that time period your body has most of its energy reserves are exhausted. Even at night your body is working on, even if it is slower than during the day.
Like your cell phone, your battery now and then be recharged. The breakfast performs exactly that function.


Some people are morning fresh as a daisy and have a healthy appetite. For them, the holy breakfast and they will never leave home without their ritual moment of drinks and food experience. Often they make the night before all the indispensable breakfast. The table is covered, the coffee maker or kettle to be put ready, and so need only be set up, the sandwiches have been cut and packaged at the dry, the butter is already out of the refrigerator so that it easily spreads, honey or jam is already with the spoon on the table there, the fruit salad is cool and all is ready to be eaten.
These people are not hungry for 11 hours!

Not hungry?

But many people, both adults and adolescents, are difficult to stand. They are running the first minutes after the end of the clock in like zombies. These people are not hungry or even thirsty. Maybe that still, for example, while showering, but it is not. They certainly have much of that precious time in the morning need to be pushed out they have no time for breakfast, let alone sandwiches and eat it.
They feel that they have fuel, because they know very well that morning "fog" will only go up if they have their batteries recharged. And so they drink a cup of coffee or tea with some sugar or a splash of milk, sometimes a hearty bowl sweetened cereals and / or a glass of juice. These are fluids that digest quickly with fast sugars that they might perk up a few hours, but in nothing have
These people rattle at 11 hours of starvation.

The solution: porridge

These "diesels" are a problem. They can have as many say they have to get up earlier so they have time to wake up and have breakfast, maybe even get them at the table, but they will still eat without hunger. They can still meticulously explain the negative effects that the lack of a good breakfast, (fatigue, risk to recover, risk of accidents, etc.), it is all wasted energy.
But you can try to dish them oatmeal. This British specialty oats cooked in milk provides protein, complex sugars, fiber and calcium, is the perfect breakfast!
Mix 4 tablespoons oatmeal bulbous among 15 to 25 cl of milk, add a handful of cranberries, raisins, or some other kind of dried fruit, put the bowl in the microwave 2 minutes and you're done. You can also bring variety in taste with a few drops of liquid vanilla or cocoa powder or a spoonful of honey scented.
3 minutes on the stopwatch (1 'preparation, 2' cooking), you have a more or less liquid meal (depending on the amount of milk) in 5 minutes in and may continue for a full breakfast, especially if you have a juice to drink. So you will certainly afternoon endure without a stomach rumbling.

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