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To crash or not to crash?

 Cambridge, soup diet, fruit diet
The Cambridge diet, soup diet, fruit diet, illustrious names for popular crash diets. You know, the type 'in a week three pounds. Perfect to just before the summer to lose some pounds, but not so smart for the long term. 

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A party, vacation plans , there are countless reasons why you quickly from a few pounds will. A crash diet is very alluring. Within a very short time you fall off a lot. That's because your little calories eat, but usually about 500 per day. Think of the morning pineapple, afternoon papaya and evening smoked chicken. No wonder you lose weight.
And that is exactly what makes the advantage of a crash diet: it is very fast.And those few pounds may just be enough to get into that one slimfit jeans to fit. Several days a crash diet can probably do no harm, according to the Nutrition Centum. Longer you should not do. It is very important to you to keep exactly to the menu. If you are bootlegs, it will not work.
Low energy
There are also disadvantages. You lose in the beginning especially humidity. Soon, the body muscles to break down and get your organs the brunt. This is not without risk. Moreover, a crash diet, not all the nutrients the body needs. Because you eat little, and few calories being consumed, you will be less energyhave. Supplement with a multivitamin is always a must. And your humor is a crash diet usually no boost.

But the main disadvantage of a crash diet, the risk. Once you start eating normally again, the pounds will probably fly again soon. There is nothing changed in your way of eating. It is also possible that your metabolism is set to low in calories. In other words, your body goes into Powersave mode. Eat your back to normal, then your body stores the extra calories for tough times. And in your hips.

Let's face it, deep in our hearts we know that does not crash.But it can be so seductive. Think before you waste what you do with your attempt to reach. If you only want a quick few pounds off, it would be an option. But if you want long term weight loss and, more importantly, maintain their weight, then you really have to eat differently and exercise more .

It sounds boring, but unfortunately, we can not make fun! Well easier. Find a diet that suits you and do not be too hard on yourself. Then it takes you the least trouble and you will eventually slim, fit and healthy!

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