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Sleep well, perform well

There is a relationship between sleep and school performance.
Sleep disorders disrupt the learning process.
And yet this is still a lot of misunderstandings, including on the four-day week and the bedtime hours. 
The quality of the sleep is important for the child
In adults, the quality of sleep a significant impact on the professional life. In children, sleep disorders disrupt school performance and that can sometimes have serious consequences.
A sleep that has no recovery, because the quality and duration, can cause a drop in performance, less attention and an increased risk of accidents .
For a good night's sleep a child should know and feel comfortable surrounded by rituals. But the sleep duration and a regular bedtime have an essential influence on sleep.

Sleeping child regularly for all
Therefore, the introduction of a four-day week is not a good idea. This is evident from many studies carried out in different schools . It seems logical that the focus of the school four days a child more rest would offer because it will have three days to recover, but the fact is that the measure does not correspond to the rhythms and that for arrhythmia causes.
The days are too long and tiring (impaired concentration, reduced performance and absenteeism, etc.). The bedtime moves up to an hour later and the rhythm is much more irregular.
Children recover less well when one day less 'work'. The important thing is that for a regular sleep / wake cycle causes.

Go to sleep early and get up early or sleep late and get up late?

Both formulas are not the same. Preference shall be given to early bedtime and getting up early. If a child accustomed to sleeping in, then the quality of sleep during the second part of the night is very different.
Morning is the quality of sleep less and less restorative. That is, inter alia, due to factors such as the light and noise. In practice, children every day and long enough time to sleep.  In addition, there must also be watched on a regular wake / sleep rhythm.
You should also know that exercise is good for the quality and quantity of sleep: sleep faster, less often wake up at night, more restorative sleep, longer sleep duration, a better ability to concentrate during the day, etc.

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