Jumat, 25 Mei 2012

Caesarean increases the risk of overweight children

Babies who are born by Caesarean section have twice the risk of overweight as babies the natural way through the world. This according to a study from Boston Children's Hospital.

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Between 1999 and 2002 were 1,255 babies immediately after birth measured and weighed. About a quarter of these children was through a caesarean birth. After six months and at three years old they were weighed again.

More often overweight

Mothers who gave birth by Caesarean section, proved himself more often overweight. The birth weight of their babies was higher. Of the babies who were born through the vagina, had at the age of 7.5 percent overweight. Of the babies who were born by Caesarean section, had 16 percent after three years of obesity: almost twice as much so. They had a higher BMI and fat percentage.

Intestinal Bacteria

The researchers believe that a cesarean affects the intestinal flora of babies. Earlier research has shown that babies after a caesarean more Firmicutes bacteria and less Bacteroides bacteria in their intestines. This may influence the development of insulin resistance , fat storage and the amount of energy you get from your food.

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