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What stress type are you? Castaway, doormat or slave of technology

Stress at work can work on your nerves. You can awake at night by lying down and can contribute to health problems like heart disease and depression. Find the source of stress is often the first step in the right direction, but that's easier said than done.
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Fortunately, we can help with this. Experts have eight types ofstressful situations at work mapped. Which of these agreements show you the most?

1. Worked on minor

 You always work for someone else and have little to say about how you do your work.
Solution: This type of jobs in which many of you asked and which you have little control often cause tension. Even if your job can make no less demanding, often helps if you can be more involved in decision making. Small changes often have great influence on tension and stress .

2. Castaway

Features: You feel alone. For help or guidance you can not go to your manager. You have no colleagues to drop by to vent if you feel the need to feel.
Solution: Support a good manager and great colleagues is needed to work properly to carry out. Lack of (a) both can lead to frustration. Try your need to communicate better. If you need help from your boss, be as specific as possible. It is also good to increase energy stabbing in touch with your colleagues.

3. Frustrated getter

Features: You work a work around, but you feel that you do not have enough appreciation for it. With blood, sweat and tears make sure that your boss score points, but nobody looks at you.No storage, promotion, and even compliments.
Solution: Especially for people driven by need for approval lead to stressful situations like this. Try your career goals with your boss to discuss. Probably you do not get the reward you want immediately, but it gives you and your boss at least more understanding of the situation. This may have a positive impact on the future.

4. Doormat

Features: You get to deal with demanding and verbally aggressive customers. However, you are expected or even required, to accept these insults and professional, calm and friendly stay.
Solution: The missing balance between your inner state and the roles you expect on your take, you must work hard emotionally.You can change your boss for advice, but an exercise to deal with difficult customers is probably a better idea. Eventually you can then work again, without discouraged touching or aggression in person to take.

5. Slave to the technology

Features: With the smartphone, mobile phone and laptop, which you may or may not have received from your boss, you are always reachable. You are constantly in touch with your office and work and personal life run more often and more together.
Solution: Stress as a result of the new technology is a growing problem to be. To protect yourself from mental and physical tension, it is important to learn how you make themselves unavailable. Create technology free daily periods: for example, 9:30 in the evening until 8 o'clock in the morning. Use that time to clear your head and relax.

6. Plague Victim

Features: A boss who insults you, give impossible deadlines, and work overload with afzeikt in front of your colleagues. Or maybe you still are not subjected to harassment by your boss, but you see what happens to others and you're afraid you're next ...
Solution: If you feel you are a victim of harassment by your supervisor, your boss may try to soften. Even better, this together with colleagues who do share your frustration. If that does not work then it is important to document the harassment and express your concerns with a senior or someone from human resources.

7. Burn-out

Features: You're tired, very tired, always tired. Both physically and mentally. You've even reached the point that you really can not work together any time and may collapse.
Solution: The term burnout is often used. The official definition is severe exhaustion that results from prolonged work-related stress. If you experience or feel burnout coming, it is wise to your supervisor to discuss the possibilities for free or to take leave.

8. Wronged victim

Features: Work is not honest. Your boss has favorites, decisions of the management team are unclear and arbitrary, and you and your colleagues are treated like little children.
Solution: Workplaces lacking in honesty, transparency and respect employees know more stressed. It is often difficult to change such a situation, but you have some degree of control over the work environment. Still, it sometimes helps to take care to speak to a supervisor or someone from human resources. If it's just for the moment to be lost. 

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