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5 myths about alcohol

The hangover comes later
Headache, nausea and a dry mouth? Sometimes you have a very pleasant evening and watch you not work so well on how much you drink. The next morning, can you then significantly affected.

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 1. The next morning just by drinking again
Especially among students, this is a very popular myth. It also seems a bit of work, but the hangover is just a bit later. A better solution is lemonade, juice or sports drink. It is good to drink anywhere sugar. Sports drinks are best because they contain valuable minerals and salts.
2. Take a paracetamol before sleeping
Many people recommend taking a paracetamol before going to sleep, so you wake up with no headaches. But there are two problems: the means and time. When you sleep, your liver is working hard to process all the alcohol. The paracetamol you throw on top, it's a bit too much for your liver. Paracetamol is in a different way than normal demolished, leaving toxic substances are released.
You can therefore better take ibuprofen. Take with you better wait until you are awake again, unless you plan to spend less than four hours sleep. Incidentally much sleep just good for your body. It has the tranquility necessary for all alcohol to be processed. If you take one or two pills on standing, you're an hour later completely pain free.
3. Some food before bedtime alcohol absorbs and reduces your hangover
Again this is not true. Eating before you drink alcohol can be absorbed and thus delaying its absorption. Fat and protein foods is taking over the best.

Before you go to sleep, you can still try one or two glasses of water to drink. This helps prevent dehydration. Some people also recommend taking a vitamin supplement to take. Preferably one with a good amount of B vitamins.
4. When you both weigh much, you can have as much alcohol
How much alcohol is needed to get drunk or get a hangover, is dependent on many factors. The important thing is your gender. Women can really tolerate less alcohol than men. First, they have less water in their bodies, so the alcohol is less diluted. Secondly, men have a more efficient system for alcohol already in the stomach to break down.
5. Wine is healthier than beer
In many studies it is shown that red wine also really can be healthy. A daily glass of red wine helps prevent heart disease and cancer. But if you drink so much that you get a hangover, it is not good anymore.
To avoid hangovers, beer is often a better choice than wine. Red wine contains tannins, which can cause headaches. Beer is also shown that a number of beneficial effects on your health. It would help against Alzheimer's and osteoporosis .

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